I believe that movement can, at its best, be a discovery of:

  • your unique strengths,
  • your most flourishing health,
  • and the excitement of curiosity and connection.

But for too many people, exercise and physical training have meant nervousness, embarrassment, and fear of being judged for different aspects of who they are. This, to me, is a tragedy.

Movement can be the bridge the spans the distance between body shame and authentic enthusiasm of what your body is capable of accomplishing.

I can help you develop a healthy, safe, sustainable, and FUN relationship to movement that enables you to discover all of those things and more.

The tools include kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight (and other fun gadgets and gizmos). The process includes learning, acceptance, effort, and playfulness (and other qualities that you already possess more of than you realize). The results? Well, those are as unique and amazing as you are.

Learn more at https://www.positiveforcemovement.org/.


  • Private training (one-on-one and two-on-one)
  • Online training
  • Individualized goal-specific programming
  • Help for trans people who want to use movement/training to enable their bodies to more accurately reflect their true selves
  • Fat-acceptant/HAES/weight-neutral approach to movement and training


  • Trauma Informed Fitness Professional
  • ACSM Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer (ACSM-CIFT)
  • Body Positive Fitness Alliance Affiliated Professional
  • Autism Fitness Level 1
  • Flexible Steel Instructor
  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Certified Safe Zone Trainer

For details, contact me.