Check Out Our #Gainz!

I am SO excited to announce that my partner and I are expanding into a larger space!

Please help us towards our goal of fully equipping our new space to be maximally helpful to those they serve by contributing to and sharing our IndieGogo campaign at!

From the crowdfunding page:

“Our campaign will enable us to expand beyond the converted garage we have been working out of and into a space that will enable us to offer classes such as kettlebell, Silver Sneakers, powerlifting, mobility and mindfulness, boxing, yoga, capoeira, and self defense. We will also be able to develop programs that can be made available to people in all locations, as well as expand our online training options.

We also each maintain a scholarship fund that enables us to offer pay-what-you-can training to folks with marginalized dimensions of diversity who otherwise couldn’t afford to train with us. It is, of course, our desire to continue to flourish so that we can expand the potential reach of this service.

This all sounds nice, but it’s more than that: it can be literally life-saving. People with marginalized identities face health inequities at almost every level of life. By providing these people with a space where they can heal their relationship to movement, discover their strength, and connect with community, we are providing an antidote to the health inequities that are otherwise ubiquitous.”

You can see the new space and hear from our students at the video above.

And thank you for your support!


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