Guest Vlogger: Mel Demonstrates Setting up for the Bench Press as a Wheelchair User

In this video, my student and friend Mel demonstrates (and signs about) how she has been able to set up the rack for barbell bench presses as a wheelchair user who cannot place any weight on her left ankle.

As I mention in the text on YouTube, while this method of setting up for the bench press may not work for all wheelchair users, it’s great to see what options have worked for others… sometimes that is the most helpful thing in regards to finding a way that works for you!

Here’s a note from Mel herself:

“Will totally acknowledge that:

“1) I’ve been using a wheelchair for… a couple weeks? I don’t have the skills or experience or insight that a long time wheelchair user would have, and their expertise would be even better to learn from!

“2) I have full use of my right leg, which lets me balance and hop differently than someone with lower body issues. That having been said, I think the actual retrieval and placement of the bar parts would largely be the same; the biggest difference would be in how I locomote between the different places in and around the rack, and how I transfer to the bench.”

Do any of you have techniques, hacks, and set-up options that enable you to navigate fitness spaces more effectively? Let me know in the comments!

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