New Year, New Me? GTFO.

It’s here: the annual, unavoidable, relentless deluge of Internet posts and advertising B.S. designed to increase our insecurities under the guise of motivation, with the sole aim of separating us from our money.

And yes, most of these posts imply that weight loss, changed body composition, and increased adherence to the arbitrary beauty standards of white, thin cis folks are the obvious goals.

And I am here to lend my voice to the wonderful group of folks who are calling shenanigans on the whole mess of sizist, cissexist, heteronormative, capitalist values trying to disguise themselves as self improvement.

As a fat, queer trans person who spends almost all of my waking moments with people who are fat, trans, PoC, queer, women, over 60, and/or living with disabilities, I see day in and day out the effects that systemic discrimination has upon those of us whose bodies don’t fit within the hierarchy of privilege….

and I am here to insist that the claims that we need to change ourselves in order to conform to the appearances and behaviors that are favored by the dominant paradigm are acts of violence, and they need to stop.

If you can’t avoid the resolutions game, try out ones like these:

  • I resolve to call out, unfollow, and/or block everyone who posts favorably about intentional weight loss on their social media.
  • I resolve to set aside time to proactively NOT be productive.
  • I resolve to question, challenge, and uproot my internalized beliefs about how people of different genders look… and any assumptions that I have that I have to perform my gender in a way that others approve of.
  • I resolve to stop misgendering trans people, whether or not they are around.
  • If white: I resolve to complete the Me and White Supremacy workbook, to uproot the racism that dwells within me, and to actively commit myself to anti-racist action.

Here are a few additional places to read the words of folks who are ridding themselves of the toxicity of diet culture, self judgment, and the cult of capitalist productivity that runs rampant this time of year:

What steps have you all taken to free yourself from shame-based changes and obligations? Let me know in the comments below, or contact me through this link!

(Note: the featured image above is my cat, Lady Goldberry. She has had it up to here with anyone who would dare imply that she needs to change in 2019, as you can see from her piercing, unapologetic stare.)


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