Step Back or Step Up? There’s a Time for Each.

I knew that today’s programmed workout was a hard one: it challenges me more mentally than any of the other workouts in my current programming. I found that I was experiencing some trepidation about doing it, so I took inventory of myself:

Was I feeling any pain? No.

Had I gotten enough sleep and nutrition? Yes.

Was I sick? Nope.

Was I over-trained? No: I recently had a deload week and have been taking my planned rest days.

Everything checked out.

So, I decided to change the workout… by using double 18k bells instead of the double 16k bells I have been using for it. I kept my form dialed in and rose to the challenge. It was exactly what I needed: the training session was definitely hard, but I love the experience of progress, and I felt driven and accomplished.

Sometimes, the right thing to do when I’m feeling resistance to training is to step back…. other times, the right thing to do is to step up.

This is true for everyone. No one who I’ve ever met feels equally motivated to train every day that they’re scheduled to. When this happens to you, don’t be too hasty to either rush forward or to cancel the workout.

Instead, check in with yourself. Is there any reason why you would be unable to train safely, or that the workout would pose undue risk? If so, remind yourself that self care can mean different things at different times and that it’s okay to take a day off.

If not, consider stepping up. Give yourself a new challenge, and rise.

There a time for each. The next time you don’t feel inspired to train, check in with yourself with curiosity and willingness to see which is the best choice for you in that moment.

You just may surprise yourself with what you’re able to do.


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