What Is and What Is Not

First, I would like to welcome you all to Positive Force Strength Training, and thank you for taking the time to read my posts!

Before I really get rolling on making posts and sharing thoughts, I’d like to outline what this blog will and will not be. I read a lot about fitness, anatomy, movement, and strength training in books, journals, magazines, and blogs, as I value keeping up with what trends and new information are out there.

As a result, I see lots of different approaches and focuses for fitness-oriented websites, from the aesthetic to the functional to the technical to the affirming. None is inherently better or worse, and all serve a place in the conversation.

Rather than trying to make this blog be a place that caters to all, I am going to focus on what I love and what I know best (both as an athlete and as a coach): effective, safe, and detail-oriented strength training from a body-positive perspective.

In line with that, here is some of what you can expect from future posts: 

  • Thoughtful responses to information about training, movement, and programming that I’ve discovered through my continuing education.
  • Links to videos and posts that I have found illuminating or thought-provoking and that I think will be interesting and beneficial to you, my readers.
  • Information regarding aspects of different exercises and mobility work.
  • Reflections on how to train seriously and eat well without falling prey to the dominant paradigm of body-shaming, unhealthy perfectionism, or guilt-induced approaches to exercise and nutrition.
  • Celebrations of achievements.
  • Occasional interviews with people who have inspired me.
  • Specific information regarding services that I offer as a coach and trainer.
  • A continual affirmation throughout all of these posts of my core belief that strength is for EVERYONE. 

Conversely, here is what you won’t see: 

  • See-No-Evil-Know-No-EvilBefore and after pictures that emphasize aesthetic transformations or posts that glamorize any particular body parts, body shapes, or body sizes. If I do ever post before and after pictures here, they will emphasize improvement in form or progress toward performance-related goals.
  • Sweaty post-workout selfies of me. I take my training seriously, and follow programming that is focused on helping me achieve my performance-related goals. I put in the work, but believe that posting about the knowledge, experience, and strength I gain through the process is a better use of your time than posting proof of a “killer workout” that I just did.
  • Related to that: Braggy posts about my accomplishments that aren’t connected to thoughts or information that would be relevant to you. I remember reading somewhere (I can’t remember where at the moment, but I will update this with reference to the source when I do) that one becomes a coach only when the success of the people you train becomes more important to you than your own athletic achievements. I care about your success, and as such my experience is most valuable when it can help you toward your goals.
  • Excessive technical jargon. I enjoy reading the newest findings in journals such as The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research and diving into very detail-oriented texts regarding functional movement and strength development, but I don’t expect my clients to take the same glee in the technicalities of muscle development and kinesiology that I do. I may use some anatomical terms here and there, but only in conjunction with everyday words and examples. I’d rather make this information accessible for more people than to simply show off what I know (i.e., I’d rather write to teach than write to impress).
  • Shame-based or restriction-oriented ideas about diet and nutrition. I do believe that it is important to find a way of eating that is healthy, balanced, and sustainable…. But guilt, shame, and untrue beliefs that your body needs to be different than what it is in order to be okay are NOT healthy. There *IS* a kinder way to health and self-care.

So there you have it. A general outline of my vision for the future of this blog. I hope you will keep coming back and share what you find here with your friends.


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